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The benefits of singing

Posted by Beatrice Beston on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When you sing the body releases endorphins, the brain's feel good chemicals.
I have seen it with so many of my students, how happy they feel when they sing.  
According to a study it was found that after nursing-home residents took part in a singing program for a month, there were significant decreases in both anxiety and depression levels. 

Singing can have some of the same effects as exercise, like the release of endorphins, which give the singer an overall "lifted" feeling and are associated with stress reduction. It's also an aerobic activity, meaning it gets more oxygen into the blood for better circulation, which tends to promote a good mood.
Deep breathing is a key to meditation and other relaxation techniques, and you can't sing well without it. 

In short: singing makes you feel happy and gives you a feeling of well-being, it can also reduce stress, decrease anxiety and depression. 

So Sing & Be Happy!