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Are you tone deaf?

Posted by Beatrice Beston on Sunday, September 13, 2015
One of my students asked me if they are tone deaf. 
Tone-deafness is the
 inability to distinguish between musical notes, i.e. the inability to sing in tune. 
After that I had heard my student sing quite a few scales in tune , I was happy to be able tell the student that he/she was not tone deaf.
 In this case it could have been a lack of confidence and also not knowing how to use the breath control properly. 
I read a report recently and it said that tone-deafness does run in families. 

The same report also mentioned that tone-deafness can be curable, with practice and appropriate training.

So please don't despair, there is always hope. 
I have attached a link to a test you can do online to test if you are tone-deaf. 


Give it a go, and remember that with practice and determination you can become better if your pitch isn't great at the moment.